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Frequently Asked Questions

A standby generator is a backup power system that automatically turns on in the event of a power outage. It is permanently installed outside your home or business and runs on propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel to provide electricity to essential appliances and systems.
Standby generators are equipped with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that monitors utility power. When the ATS detects a power outage, it automatically starts the generator and transfers electrical load from the utility to the generator. Once utility power is restored, the ATS switches the load back to the utility and shuts down the generator.
The size of the standby generator depends on factors such as the size of your home or business, the number of appliances and systems you want to power during an outage, and your budget. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the appropriate generator size for your specific needs.
Installation time varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the generator, site preparation requirements, and local permitting processes. In general, installation can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.
Yes, regular maintenance is essential to ensure your standby generator operates reliably during an outage. We offer maintenance plans that include periodic inspections, fluid checks, and testing to keep your generator in optimal condition.
Yes, most standby generators come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers parts and labor for a certain period. Our team will provide you with details about the warranty coverage and any additional warranty options available.
Permit requirements vary depending on your location and local building codes. Our team will handle all necessary permits and ensure that your installation complies with local regulations.
Standby generator installation should be performed by trained professionals to ensure safety and compliance with local codes. Our team has the expertise and experience to install your generator correctly and efficiently.
The cost of installation depends on factors such as the size and type of generator, site preparation requirements, and installation labor. Our team will provide you with a detailed estimate based on your specific needs and preferences.
To get started, simply contact us to schedule a consultation. Our team will assess your needs, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with a customized solution for standby generator installation at your home or business.

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